Spell It Out: Clothing By Owl

I stumbled upon Clothing By Owl as I was insta-stalking all the girls from “The Bachelor” one random Sunday afternoon.  I noticed that each of them were promoting these swimsuits with different funny sayings on them and was immediately intrigued.  It’s one thing to be self-expressive with your wardrobe, it’s another to literally spell it out for the world to see.  There is something so forward, yet alluring, about sharing your likes (or dislikes) with the world in such a bold way.  Why do you think that people-watching is so interesting? When you think about it, it sounds pretty boring, yet we can spend hours doing it with our full attention (which says a lot for us these days).  You can take one look at someone and decide what kind of person they are, without even knowing them or speaking to them.  Whether you are right or wrong is a whole different story, but it’s the idea that what we display on the outside represents who we are on the inside, that makes this judgement call such a guilty pleasure of ours.

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That’s where this trend finds it’s place in my heart (and closet).  A way to cut right to the chase, skip the nonsense and tell the world who you are.  If you are in a good mood, bad mood, into fitness, into food, a drinker, a yogi, part of a bride squad or the bride herself, they have something for you to share with the world at Clothing By Owl. More importantly, if you are an animal lover, then you will really appreciate what this brand stands for, as it was inspired by a love for animals and life (and a portion of each purchase goes back to animals in need).

I’ve personally purchased a few items myself (see below) –all of which I love!!  I cannot WAIT for the bachelorette parties I have this summer, so I can dress the bride/bridesmaids with all their cute and fun bridal merch (in Bridal tab on website).  The owners of this brand are extremely kind and my items shipped within minutes of placing my order.  Highly recommend!

My FAVORITE saying on a sports bra, which ups your gym game while looking cute–can be found: HERE *WERK!*


My favorite top to wear when my empowerment moods are elevated: HERE (On sale right now for $10)!

Best for last! My Sunday uniform when I am in bed all day blogging/reading/online shopping: HERE

*Remember to use the code “GLAMARISS10” for discounts!*

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid advertisement.  I am not sponsored by this brand to write positive reviews.  I am registered as an OWLffiliate to promote on my own, based on personal experience/preference.

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