What a Time to Be Alive

It’s  important that I start this journey with an open and honest note from my heart.  We live in a world today that is driven by ego and status, where truth is lost in pride and appearance is filtered to perfection.  We have lost ourselves in the belief that to be imperfect is weak, when in actuality, it is human and therefore, beautiful.  On the other hand, we live in a world where at the touch of our fingertips, we can connect and impact the lives of close friends or foreign strangers.  We can create something out of nothing but a dream and turn it into so much more.  When I originally decided to create this blog, I did so out of a void that I felt in my life.  A void that has manifested itself in a number of ways throughout the years, not all of which I can feel proud of, but certainly learned from.  While I am human and have fallen victim to the perfectionist nature within, I have never been able to forget my true purpose, as it has probed and prodded and picked and chipped away at me, leaving me no choice but to act on it.

I believe that all women are beautiful, yet underestimated creatures in a society that has labeled us inferior since the beginning of time.  While we have made great strides, I witness our shortcomings more and more with age and watch how we compete and compare, rather than uplift and inspire.  Who can blame us for that when we are so often overlooked?  Here is a place where I will find glamour in everything that we are, and everything we are not.  I will share it with you as I live it myself, and together, we can be great.

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