Organize Your World Part 2: Accessories

Fashion icon, Rachel Zoe, said “I see bold accessories as a woman’s armor.”  What an amazing way to describe a strong, self-expressive woman who wears her confidence (literally) on her sleeve.  Accessories are so much more than the trimmings of a great outfit.  While these bells and whistles really do transform your look, they represent the unique part of you that begs to be seen.  The part of you that says “I have arrived!”

I have been in love with big, bold accessories for as long as I can remember.  As a teenager, I rocked the largest chandelier earrings I could find and loved how they became a part of signature style.  Those earrings were the trademark of my soul.  I wanted everyone to look at me and know that I was true to myself and what I loved, and hopefully do the same in their own lives and in their own way.
Just like the growing makeup collection overwhelming my space, I needed to figure out how to store all these earrings.  The stars were aligned for me at that time because a visit to my Aunt’s house resulted in the solution I was looking for.  I remember being in her room admiring her jewelry when something in the corner caught my eye.  It looked like a window screen, only it held the most beautiful collection of earrings I’d ever seen, all out on display for pure admiration.  I expressed my love for this peculiar, yet utterly perfect way to store earrings, and a month or so later, I had my very own.  This saint of a woman made me the window screen display that I still use to this very day.

You can easily make this yourself at a very low cost, or if you aren’t the most handy, you can skip the wood trim and simply buy yourself a window screen like this and call it a day.  Trust me, I have searched far and wide for alternative ways to store earrings and nothing comes close to this.

Here’s some additional great ideas on how to store watches, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, rings, sunglasses and more!

Watch Box for (10) Watches: HERE
These were purchased at Walmart. Here are some alternatives: Option 1Option 2 or Option 3
Three-Tier Extra-Tall Jewelry Stand: HERE
Jewelry Display Mannequin: HERE
This shelf was a random find at Home Goods many years ago. Here are some alternatives for sunglasses storage in it’s place: Option 1Option 2

Also pictured:

One Tier Bracelet Bangle T Bar: HERE

Acrylic Divided Storage Organizer Tray: HERE

Evening Dress Jewelry Tree Stand Alternative: HERE or HERE

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