“Behind Every Successful Woman is a Tribe of Other Successful Women Who Have Her Back”

I’m seeing and hearing a lot about face and body shaming women lately, which pisses me off to no end. It’s 2017 and time to get over this bullsh*t and start being each other’s friends.  How will we ever, as a gender, find the equality and respect that we deserve when we prevent it ourselves? Please explain this logic to me.  Please put your pride aside and tell me, honestly, how making someone feel bad about themselves (when it is completely unwarranted) is beneficial to you?

We ALL have flaws and insecurities.  Why in the hell would we add to them by pointing out someone else’s?  Not to mention, everyone’s idea of “beauty” is different, so what makes anyone think that their opinion is the right one?  Why should we listen to the person who spews hatred and anger to a complete stranger? Or someone they call a “friend?”

Our warped minds have been brainwashed into believing unrealistic and unattainable goals for ourselves.  These images of perfection that are thrown in our faces day in and day out have made us hate ourselves so much, that we take it out on others to feel better or validated.

I also believe that we have made great strides and continue to do so, but we must hold ourselves accountable in order to see real change.  Trust me, I am not perfect and I have had moments of my own that I am not proud of, but recognizing that and making a choice to do something about it is where growth happens.

Please do not get me wrong, I absolutely love makeup and find those “images of perfection” to be beautiful pieces of art inspired by creativity and passion.  There is nothing more beautiful to me than self-expression born from a place of genuine purpose and love.  Just please, do not allow yourselves to get sucked in and forget that we are all human.  Our imperfections are nothing more than labels we have given to things we have decided are inferior.  Choose otherwise.  Call them trademarks, symbols of our exclusive selves, features of our uniqueness and individuality.  Anything to help you love yourself and in turn, love everything you see in your outer world.


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  1. Amen sista!!! Perfect post esp after the controversial “pot belly” Lady Gaga confidently displayed (her bod is sick – idk what anyone is talking about) at the super bowl this weekend. So many haters not enough motivaters. Let’s unite people!!!💪💪💪

  2. Bravo! I love empowering women but all ppl. Teaching manners seems to be lacking at all realms.

    1. theglamarissguide says: Reply

      I agree! I love to empower all as well, but feel as though women need to encourage one another and be united (we have it hard enough as it is)! 🙂

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